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Wow, this is by far the best pokemon conceived- Ya know he's coming for that booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty booty boot...

This picture is so cool! The background looks lovely and the detail is phenomenal! I actually have a friend who really likes reshiram a...

by Sylaphy

I like this! :) As a fan of my favorite pokemon and it's evolution, you did a decent job here! This Cinccino is fluffy! The shading look...

by Najti

This set of badges is ADORABLE! Never have I seen someone make these ghost type pokemon so cool and cute at the same time! Aaaaaa I lov...

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Sonic and his Orange Juice
Ah yes, Right before midnight!
Here's the picture I've been meaning to upload for sonic's 27th!
Anyways, killed two birds with one stone here, today was also the pulp or no pulp splatfest and I chose no pulp.
Durpy Sanic
And here's the next drawing I drew for sonic's birthday, this time being a silly lil' derpy sanic for sonic's 26th birthday!
Happy birthday, Sonic!
So today is not other than that blue blur's 27th birthday!
I'll have a finished picture done soon, but in the meantime, here's some filler birthday art I drew 2 years ago!
Happy 27th, sonic!
Ah, here's more Random Doom fanart because why not?
I drew Vincent's disembodied head based off his look from Many Happy Returns, the final issue of the series.

Vincent belongs to :icontamarinfrog: TamarinFrog 
Stolen from NateChu218 and unluckii-yarn.

My evil side:
(X) You have made a little kid cry.
() You have threatened someone and meant it seriously (death threats are illegal now please never do that unless you literally want me to take you to jail)
(/) You have beat someone up (my cousin and I used to wrestle a lot)
() You have stolen money from someone 
(/) People have called you a brat (I have been called spoiled a few times)
() You spend all of your time bossing people around
() You have wanted someone/something to die
() You have killed someone
(X) You yell a lot (Sometimes I yell when I'm I'm mad, upset, or tense, other times I blurt out of control)
(X) You have punched someone (by accident, not intentionally)
(/) You have stolen something from the store (Does stealing a few legos count?)
() You push people around a lot 
() You wear a lot of black 
(/) You hate the light (I hate getting sunburns)
(X) You swear a lot. (Oh boy, do I swear a lot.)
() You are always breaking the rules (nope, I'm an angel when it comes to rules and I always follow them to prevent myself in getting trouble.)
() You have skipped school 
() At school you are a bully 
(/) You get mad easily (depends on what triggers me)
() You have tons of enemies
() You barely have any friends
(X) You lie a lot (Most of them being White Lies)
(/) You hate school/work more than anything (Sometimes I do schoolwork efficiently at school, but when I'm home, I'll admit that I'm a bit lazy and do slack off.)
(/) You pull tons of pranks on people
() You think it's funny when people die (If you unironically do this consider seeing a therapist bro)
() You like making people suffer (Only the people that I absolutely don't like)
() You love blood (Depends)
(/) You know how to shoot a gun. (I'm pretty sure, I've played with Nerf guns)
(X) You have called someone stupid (Insults, anyone?)
() You like horror movies 
() You like violent things 
() You have attempted to kill someone
() You love the sound of screaming
() You are happy when people are injured (Stop, get some help if you actually enjoy this)

Multiply by 4 and oh geez...
40% evil?
I'm not too sure how to count this all up, I don't know what amount the /'s and X's count up to-


Deevins's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Thank drawtrash for the profile picture!

Hi, there, welcome to my DA page. My art is... Bad? Good? Decent? I dunno. Anyways, I came here to both post my art and overall improve it as time goes on.

Home of the Insert Title Here comic series!

I'm also finally starting to learn how to do digital art, I guess, but I need a working tablet and photoshop-
Also, if you came here to give me a llama badge, please refrain from doing so.
If you really like my artwork, then a watch would be very appreciated over a llama badge.
I'm also a part-time shiny hunter-

Stuff I draw:
Lil' doodles and stuff
Video game Characters
-Mostly Pokemon, but I'm a fan of Parappa, Mario, Sonic, you get the point.
-Depends on which VG character I want to draw. I'll also do requests for VG characters If I get any.
Oh yeah, feel free to send me requests, but don't send too many. I don't want to overwhelm myself.
Constructive Criticism is also appreciated. I know this will help me Improve my art skills. Please don't send me anything too harsh, I'm well aware that my art isn't good. Just tell me some minor details I may have missed and I'll take your word.
Anyways, that's it about me, stay tuned for some more art!

Friends/people here who I have met on Miiverse:
:iconshinystarkat: :iconblackskirttetra: :iconthesocialpotato75: :iconriolufan1987: :icondrawtrash: :iconjustinrokstar: :iconmegamarina: :iconpikpikpokemon: :icontoonandrew: :iconlatiksoulrichie: :iconwolfamongroseshb: :iconsinjeric: :iconssage31: :iconguizmo532: :iconlilmrb127: :iconxxcolliexx: :iconshanemcgovern313: :icondjrx17: :iconthatguypenn: :iconsora-atomu: :iconseven-87: :icondarkwingduckfanatic: :iconcharizardtheartist: :iconnerdypuff101:

Oh yeah, these people are cool also.
:iconalolan-vulpixy: :iconawnii: :iconnatechu218: :iconpantherking239: :icona101tome: :icongriz-the-ambear: :iconsoozqq: :iconadam-hu: :iconanncario06: :icondillpickle532: :icongeckomaster114: :iconorangesyum88: :iconmadiebelle22: :iconorangeysun: :icontinysweetbunny: :iconfirianne: :iconajcrusher9: :iconblueray-treehouse: :iconlineon-rl: :iconyukimatt: :iconsylaphy: :icon99g3ny99: :iconcaitlinthelucario: :iconyatocommish: :iconakitonoice: :iconsupertacoturtle:

Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessence Pokemon Stamp by HaikuRequiem Pokemon Stamp by SeviYummy I love poke chibis Stamp by SeviYummy Starter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Electric Pokemon Stamp by depp Fire Pokemon Stamp by depp Grass Pokemon Stamp by depp Water Pokemon Stamp by depp Normal Pokemon Stamps by depp
RD Stamp - Ross by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Saria by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Napoleon by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Cotton by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Vincent by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Veruka by TamarinFrog
Starter 1 Pokemon Stamp by FireStump Eeveelution Stamp by FireStump Minccino Stamp by Kevfin Minccino Fan Stamp by PurelyWhiteButterfly Minccino With Pecha Berry Stamp by PurelyWhiteButterfly
037 Vulpix Stamp by Kevfin 038 Ninetales Stamp by Kevfin Snowy/Shiron Fan Stamp by Wildcat1999 Alolan Vulpix Stamp by Heart-Stamp Pokemon Stamp - Alolan Vulpix animation by Aquamimi123
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Team-Popplio-Stamp by Aletheiia90 [STAMP] . It's Popplio! . (2/2) by AmiSunshine Popplio stamp by pulsebomb Popplio stamp by pulsebomb Popplio stamp by pulsebomb
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Leafstorm Snivy_Tsutarja stamp by kiraradaisuki Snivy Stamp by Heart-Stamp Snivy Stamp by Kevfin Snivy Stamp by Hime--Nyan Snivy stamp by pulsebomb
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Fullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Anttu-chan F2U stamp: Edward from FullMetal Alchemist by Aqua-Spirit22 STAMP: FMA - Edward by sunstroke-art FMA: Cute Edward stamp oo2 by Kaze-yo
FMA- Evil Plan xD by Kaze-yo Alchemist Stamp by AdryJustend Chibi Stamp by Wyntry


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